Sloane and Kathleen helped us with two home purchases, and the sale of one home. They are absolute professionals, and there is no way we could have done it without them.   Sloane managed to find us our new home under a huge time constraint, and we could not be happier or more grateful. They make the entire (complicated) process of selling and buying streamlined and organized, and they are highly detail-oriented so nothing gets forgotten. Also, they know every nook and cranny of the South Bay, so you really feel like you are working with local folks who know the community, every single street and block, and what works for your particular family. Moving is a stressful and emotional process, and they gave us the peace of mind that it would all work out. And it really did! We are so grateful to them.
Robby & Katherine
I have worked with Cartier Sanders team for 20 years! I’ve sold and bought several higher-end properties with this team over time, and they go above and beyond. They know the markets, and they know who to call and who to negotiate with on your behalf. They include staging your home! Normally, you will pay around $5000 for a professional stager. Your own realtor cannot stage. Trust me. Look at the pictures to see what this team has done! A whole enormous inventory of beautiful things that will create a “WOW” reaction to your home. I, of course, cannot promise anything for you, but in my experience, I’ve accepted several same day, above-asking offers for the last 3 homes I’ve sold.
We could not feel luckier to have worked with Sloane and team in finding our dream first home. Sloane is extremely knowledgeable, personable and relatable. After only a few conversations, she knew exactly what we were looking for, and helped us find it. Having grown up in Manhattan Beach and residing in North Redondo, Sloane knows everything there is to know about the South Bay - something we really needed as strangers to the area. She always makes herself available to answer questions or offer advice, and has made the entire process seamless and fun. Sloane is not just your realtor, but your friend, and we are so grateful for this relationship.
Jake & Jamie
New to LA and unsure of what we wanted, Sloane and Kathleen were with us every step of the way. Open houses, offers, and showings from the South Bay to the Eastside were part of our journey to home ownership in Redondo and we couldn’t have done it without their insight and guidance. Once we had an offer accepted in a great North Redondo pocket, Sloane, Kathleen and Megan continued to provide thoughtful advice and awesome referrals. We’re excited for family and friends to work with them too! 
Scott & Emily
A dear friend, who has also used Kathleen and Sloane, highly recommended the The Cartier Sanders Team, and we’re thrilled they did because of Kathleen and Sloane’s incredible and extensive personalized service. I have never seen any Realtors and their team work so tirelessly in all stages of the process, from their personalized staging to getting us an offer beyond our expectations ($60K over asking)! To say they really went beyond the call in exceptional experience, and provided us an extraordinary amount of helpful information and knowledge would be a vast understatement. They simplified everything for us, answered all of our questions, and made it all happen! Kathleen and Sloane are polished, honest, reliable, classy, extremely hard working, patient, fun, and extremely knowledgable. If you haven't already hired Realtors, I recommend you stop looking, pick up the phone RIGHT NOW, and hire them! You will not find anyone better!
Paul & D'Lee
My husband and I worked with Sloane & Kathleen to purchase our first home and could not be more pleased with the experience. Sloane educated us on the home buying experience and she encouraged us to ask any and all questions, which was very appreciated. She guided us through the entire process and made it smooth and enjoyable-- to top it off helped us land our dream first home! We highly recommend working with The Cartier Sanders Team!!
Brice & Haley
Kathleen Cartier & Sloane Sanders are a unique Real Estate Team! Kathleen mentored me when I began my career over 30 years ago. Moving out of the area, I still practice her ethics, marketing ingenuity &; integrity everyday. She has passed these same skills to her daughter Sloane. When my husbands father passed and it required selling the family home in Palos Verdes, there was no question who we would call. Both my husband and brother-in-law were amazed at the care and expertise of Kathleen and Sloane. This was a complicated transaction with tough decisions to be made, but all was handled with ease and absence of stress. When you simply need the best, this is the team to turn to!
Rick & Deborah
Kathleen Cartier is an amazing sales associate. If I did not have Kathleen in my court, this escrow would have gone sideways. She is smart and creative and came up with a brilliant plan to achieve the results I needed. If I had used anyone else, I have no doubt the objective would not have been achieved. Kathleen worked tirelessly on my escrow which fell out once and almost twice. She used her own resources to consult on a very difficult matter which provided reassurance and a satisfactory result. I can't say enough about Kathleen and her hard work. And I must add that she personally staged my home to sell. Her taste is impeccable and the home sold within 5 days. Thank you so much Kathleen and REMAX!
Kathleen and Sloane recently sold our home in the Manhattan Beach tree section. Important to mention this was the fifth transaction we completed with Kathleen. When we decided to sell our home, there was no doubt in our mind who we would call. The knowledge they have of the Mbeach (and the South Bay) community is evident the minute you start the conversation. Their attention to detail (including staging your home) is commendable. Nothing falls through the cracks. Trusting your agent(s) is key and both Kathleen and Sloane have amazing work ethics. They never forget to dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s. They are also highly respected by the other realtors which makes negotiating easy (if applicable) and the closing process seamless. They are easy to reach at all times and treat you as if you are their only client giving you top priority at all times. We highly recommend this fabulous team!
Bill & Barbara
As a family of 4 relocating to Southern California from the east coast, we were faced with many important decisions to make. Fortunately for us, we were put in touch with Kathleen Cartier to assist with finding a temporary rental and eventually a home to purchase. Not only is Kathleen extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic resource for someone new to the area, she has a way of making you feel like you are her only client. You never feel rushed when asking questions...she takes the time to really listen, and follows up when needed. Moving across the country can be stressful, and Kathleen offered calm, confident, high-quality service throughout our transition. Although our interaction with Sloane Sanders was limited, she was equally pleasant to work with. It is evident that Sloane shares the same passion, strong work-ethic, and professionalism that Kathleen does. It was truly a pleasure working with The Cartier Sanders Team, and I would highly recommend them!
Peter & Sherrill
We recently purchased a house in Manhattan Beach and used Kathleen and Sloane. We saw numerous homes before we found the right one. They were honest in their assessment of properties we saw and did not rush our decision, always leaving us with a feeling they had our best interests in mind. They were extremely thorough in the purchase process. Once we closed, they were available with any questions we had about the local area. We've been very pleased with their work.
Mark & Izumi
Nobody stays at the top of any business for as long as Kathleen has been a top Realtor in the South Bay if you are not professional, competent, smart and a good person. I mean damn good person. Her longevity in a cutthroat business and her successes speak for themselves. Kathleen rolls with the best. She is the best. If you are lucky enough to know Kathleen Cartier you were lucky enough to have met one of the most beautiful, honest and caring human beings on planet earth. Real Estate is the excuse for Kathleen to practice her God-given kindness and her vocation for helping and serving others. I met Kathleen in 1996 when we were looking to relocate back to Manhattan Beach. Our financial situation was tight as I was between jobs. For 6-8 months Kathleen explored every possibility until she found our dream home. She negotiated the terms, helped us with the loan and we opened escrow. However, the week we were closing escrow, I became ill, lost my new job and was unable to work for a while. We panicked. I called Kathleen, broke the news and told her to pull the plug on the purchase. On top of that, unexpected expenses forced us to use some of the money we needed to close escrow. We kissed our dream home goodbye... This is when Kathleen is at her best. She helped us see that this unfortunate situation was temporary and that buying a home was for life. She convinced us to go ahead with the purchase, sat down with the loan broker and convinced him to reduce his commission so we can close escrow and pretty much held our hand through the process. Oh, by the way, she also took a big cut on her commission and didn't collect a penny until we were back on our feet. Who does this for a stranger? Kathleen became a friend for life. Few years later as the economy weakened after 9/11, it became difficult for us to maintain our home. We met with Kathleen and told her that we may need to list the house for sale and move somewhere else. The real estate market was hot in Manhattan Beach and homes were selling fast. What realtor does not want to have a listing in such market? Kathleen looked at our situation, grabbed her calculator and showed us that selling our home would be the dumbest thing we can do. She was right again. We made some adjustments, weathered the storm and kept the house. Finally, a few years ago when our marriage came to an end we called Kathleen again to help us through with her advice. By now a close friend of the family she was caught in the middle of a difficult divorce, dealing with both of us trying to bring some sense into making the best decision with regards to the house. For the third time her advice was "do not sell unless you have to." She was right again. Had we sold the house at that time we would have lost all the equity we had in a down market. We are now divorced. We still own the house and remain ever close to Kathleen. She is a champion. She is the best of the champions. Thank you Kathleen!!! We love you.
Ernesto & Maria
l am writing this testimonial on behalf of an outstanding real estate professional, Kathleen Cartier of Re/Max Estate Properties. l had the pleasure of working with Kathleen in her capacity as a former colleague. When I retired, I selected her as my own Realtor and regularly refer her to anyone who is planning to buy or sell a property. Kathleen has worked as a Realtor for over 30 years. When l joined the office as a new Realtor, l had many questions and regularly sought assistance from others. Although Kathleen was very busy with her large client base, she always took out the time to answer my questions and those of the other new hires. I came to know and trust Kathleen, and was impressed not only by her incredible knowledge of the real estate market, but more importantly by her honesty and integrity. Her dedication to her clients, and high moral character and leadership really raised the standards for others in her profession. She worked tirelessly, including nights and all weekend, and went above and beyond what is expected of a realtor to help her clients, not only in their real estate needs, but in their adjustment to a new community. Her friendship and assistance do not stop when the escrows closed. Most of her clients still count on her as a friend and seek her assistance with any manner of requests regarding the community. As a retired attorney, I additionally have respected Kathleen's attention to details, her understanding of the numerous real estate contracts, and her patience in explaining their repercussions to her clients. Kathleen has developed the well-deserved reputation in the community for conduct which has become the model for excellence in her profession.
We can't say enough about Kathleen and Co. Expert knowledge, personalized service, and expectations exceeded! Twice we've relied on Kathleen and she's come through with flying colors. Heck, she's become an honorary member of the family! Six thumbs up!
Lloyd & Rossi
We had lived in our home for over 30 years so it had been a long time since we last sold a home. Kathleen and Sloane helped us understand the process and the market. They suggested a listing price for us that would generate the most interest. They suggested we "stage" the property. I was skeptical and felt it was unnecessary but as it turned out it was essential to maximizing the final sale price which was 150k over list. They did an incredible job. Very knowledgeable, professional and smart. They did not overlook a single detail. It was as painless as these kind of transactions can be. We were very happy with the process and outcome. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Dave & Clare

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